What makes Skinfully YOURS different from other body care lines?

   -All of our products are made with natural ingredients and CUSTOMIZABLE!

 Where can I find the ingredients in each product?

   -On the website, the ingredients are listed in the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 

 What if I am allergic to any of the ingredients?

   -If you are allergic, use the CHAT button or the NOTES section prior to checkout annotating which ingredient(s). Those ingredient(s) will be omitted. 

What if I want a scent/fragrance that is not shown/listed?

   -Please use the CHAT button prior to ordering to inquire about availability of your preferred scent.



We customize here at Skinfully YOURS, however, any special requests made that requires us to make any additional purchases WILL incur a service charge. Please reach out for special requests, to place a CUSTOM order, and we will send an invoice.


How/when do you ship?

   -Please refer to our SHIPPING policy


Can I request a refund or return?

   -Please refer to our RETURN/REFUND policy