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Our 12oz BATH SOAKS are the perfect way to end a hard day at work, at the gym, or as a picker upper.  You can use a little or a lot.. the choice is yours!

RELAX & SOOTHE combines LAVENDER and CHAMOMILE oils to soothe your mind and muscles.  Perfect for a pleasant night's sleep!

REVIVE combines the awaken your senses power of the PEPPERMINT oil, as well as the increasing your happiness and optimism of JASMINE oil.  This bath soak is perfect for morning baths!

THERAPEUTIC helps to relieve stress and tension.  Infused with activated charcoal, BLACK LAVA SALT detoxifies your skin, while the added MUSCLE RELIEF oil aids in soothing and relaxing an overworked body.  BLUE CORNFLOWER PETALS has a calming effect, as well as anti-inflammatory properties to soothe your skin.  DRIED HIBISCUS FLOWERS are packed with antioxidants that could help reduce skin damage and premature ageing.

    Main Ingredients:  Himalayan Salts (Black Lava Salt in THERAPEUTIC), Epsom Salt, Powdered Whole Milk & Honey, Coconut Oil, & Glycerin, Hempseed oil (Therapeutic).  Dried Flowers and Essential Oils vary per tea!